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没关系!(Oh Joy!系列)

You're Okay!

ISBN 9781338356366

By Joy Cho, Angie Stalker

$9.99 创新 绘本

A reassuring, interactive board book perfect for preschoolers -- from Joy Cho of popular lifestyle brand Oh Joy!

Every day is full of little ups and downs. No matter what happens or how you feel, you are you, and you are okay! Interactive lift-the-flaps will engage readers in this sweet and encouraging book about managing everyday kid struggles!

Follow a little hedgehog and her friends as they get boo-boos, spill things, or just feel shy. Vibrant, detailed art draws the reader in, and gentle, rhyming text reassures us that no matter what, we are okay!

This cute follow up to Be Curious is a beautiful and welcome addition to any home library.

Oh Joy! books: Little stories that surprise, delight, and nurture confidence and curiosity.

Oh Joy!是由Joy Cho在洛杉矶创立的一个生活方式品牌,其理念是发现日常生活中的快乐。这本《没关系!》就是Joy Cho专为学龄前儿童打造的一本治愈、互动的纸板书。





Trick or Treat, Baby Shark!

ISBN 9781338665307

By John John Bajet

$6.99 平装 绘本

Sing and dance along with Baby Shark in this new Halloween adventure, based on the beloved song!

On a dark spooky night, deep down in the sea,

Baby Shark and his friends wondered, "Who can we be?"

Try on these costumes, it's time to have fun.

We need to get ready, Halloween has begun!

Sing, dance, and read along to this Halloween song, featuring Baby Shark and his underwater friends! Kids and caregivers alike will delight in this silly illustrated story as Baby Shark and his friends try on a variety of costumes and go trick-or-treating, in this book full of funny, eye-popping illustrations and a catchy tune you won't be able to stop singing. Also features helpful picture guides so readers can dance along, act out the hand and foot movements, and develop their fine motor skills. Cuddle up with your little one and as you laugh, sing, and dance along to this charming and catchy read-aloud!


On a dark spooky night, deep down in the sea,


Baby Shark and his friends wondered, "Who can we be?"


Try on these costumes, it's time to have fun.


We need to get ready, Halloween has begun!





No Fuzzball!

ISBN 9781338565423

By Isabella Kung

$14.99 精装 绘本

A hilarious new story from debut picture book artist Isabella Kung.

Fuzzball is Queen of the house. Her subjects just LOVE how she scales the tallest shelves and drags their belongings across the floor. Hear how they shout her name everywhere she goes ... "NOFUZZBALL!" But when they leave her queendom for the weekend, she questions whether she should be a more benevolent ruler.

Fans of funny, lovable characters like Aaron Blabey's Pig the Pug, Mo Willems's Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and David Shannon's No, David! will fall in love with this furry, feline despot.

No Fuzzball! 是艺术家Isabella Kung的处女绘本作。

猫咪Fuzzball是家中的小霸王。她的主人们都很喜欢她在家里爬上窜下,把东西丢的到处都是。无论她走到哪里,他们都在呼喊她的名字……“不要!FUZZBALL !”可是当主人们周末离开她的“领地”时,她开始思考自己是否应该变成一个更仁慈的“霸王”。


超速卡丁车(Layla和Bots系列 2)

Built for Speed: A Branches Book

(Layla and the Bots #2)

ISBN 9781338582925

By Vicky Fang, Christine Nishiyama

$5.99 平装 桥梁书

Ready, set, go! Layla and the Bots are heading to the races!

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

Blossom Valley is hosting a go-kart race! The go-karts are provided for all the kids in town. Layla and the Bots can't wait for race day! But one racer, Tina, needs their help. She needs a new cart that uses hand-controls and other cool features. Layla and the Bots know just what to do... they will build her a brand-new cart that's even faster than her wheelchair! But will Tina's go-kart have enough speed to win the race? With full-color artwork on every page and speech bubbles throughout, this early chapter book series brings kid-friendly STEAM topics to young readers!


花开峡谷(Blossom Valley)要举办卡丁车比赛了!Layla和Bots已经等不及要参赛,可是一名选手Tina需要他们的帮助。比赛会给参加的孩子们提供卡丁车,可是坐着轮椅的Tina需要一辆可以手动操作,并且有其他很酷的功能的车。Layla和Bots便打算给Tina做一辆全新的比轮椅更快的新卡丁车!Tina最终能赢得比赛吗?



打鼾的公主(童话故事系列 4)

The Snoring Princess: A Branches Book

ISBN 9781338349818

By Anna Staniszewski, Macky Pamintuan

$5.99 平装 桥梁书

Kara and Zed are on an adventure to awaken a sleepwalking princess, in this twisted fairy tale series from Anna Staniszewski!

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

Kara and Zed have a new mystery to solve! Princess Rosa's palace has been under a sleeping spell for 100 years, and the spell is set to end tonight. But Princess Rosa has gone missing! And if she's not back by sunset, the spell will start all over again. It's up to Kara and Zed -- along with a fairy who lives at the palace -- to find the princess and bring her home! Magic, friendship, and adventure come together in the adorable Once Upon a Fairy Tale series, featuring black-and-white illustrations on every page.

在作者Anna Staniszewski的童话系列中,Kara和Zed正在经历一场唤醒梦游公主的冒险!





Grumpy Unicorn Hits the Road

ISBN 9781338666045

By Joey Spiotto

$8.99 平装 漫画

Grumpy Unicorn returns in his first graphic novel! He's out in the world and ready to straight up not have a good time in this hilarious collection of comic stories.

Grumpy Unicorn is bored. Really bored. And what's a Unicorn to do when the town he lives in has nothing fun to do? Hit the road in search of adventure, of course!

In this laugh-out-loud original story, everyone's favorite magical grouch sets off to find something or someone that doesn't totally annoy him. And sort of succeeds. With new characters like Sassy the Sasquatch, Jack the Jackelope, and some out-of-this-world friends, this hilarious journey is a must-have for fans of Grumpy Unicorn: Why Me?



在这个令人捧腹大笑的原创故事中,深受大家喜欢的爱发牢骚的独角兽出发去寻找可以不惹怒他的人或事。随着新角色的出现,如Sassy the Sasquatch,Jack the Jackelope等等,他应该快要成功了!这本书绝对是暴躁独角兽的粉丝的必读书目!


真假Sparks(Sparks系列 2)

Sparks! Double Dog Dare

ISBN 9781338339918

By Ian Boothby, Nina Matsumoto

$26.99 精装 漫画

Sparks is in for trouble when he starts seeing double!

Who's a good dog?!

Charlie and August, the two cats that control the mechanical superhero dog, Sparks, are keeping the city safe. But when a second, evil Sparks shows up and starts causing trouble around town, everybody blames the real Sparks. Determined to prove that Sparks is still the hero everyone can count on, Charlie and August set out to uncover the shocking truth about who is responsible for all the chaos.



尼罗河女王(Cleopatra在太空系列 6)

Queen of the Nile

ISBN 9781338204162

By Mike Maihack

$24.99 精装 漫画

The conclusion to Mike Maihack's thrilling graphic novel series starring a young Cleopatra and her adventures in space!

The time has come for Cleo to fulfill the ancient prophecy that declares her a savior and a hero, a prophecy she still struggles to accept. Cleo is joined by both old and new friends as they fight to defend the galaxy she's come to call home against the evil Xaius Octavian. The Queen of the Nile must summon the strength to face down her enemy one last time, and keep her friends -- and herself -- alive. Now a TV series on NBCUniversal's streaming service, Peacock!

《尼罗河女王》是由Mike Maihack创作的激动人心的漫画小说,本书是主人公Cleopatra的太空冒险故事的最终篇。

一个古老的预言曾宣布Cleopatra是救世主,尽管Cleo仍然不愿意接受这个预言,也到了她完成任务的时候了。Cleo将和她的新老朋友一起对战邪恶的Xaius Octavian,守护家园银河系。尼罗河女王Cleo必须鼓起勇气最后一次击败她的敌人,让她和朋友们活下去。



The Ghost at Dawn's House

ISBN 9781338642261

By Ann M. Martin

$6.99 平装 文字小说

America's favorite series returns with a new look and a Netflix tv show.

Dawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house. But that doesn't explain why creepy things happen when Dawn's at home, or the spooky noises coming from behind her bedroom wall.

Dawn is sure there's a ghost in her house! And so are the other Baby-sitters Club members. But they're so busy with their jobs that they don't have time for a ghost hunt. Will Dawn and her friends solve the mystery . . . or will Dawn have to share her house with a ghost?





来吧 十一月

Come November

ISBN 9781338268430

By Katrin van Dam

$10.99 平装 文字小说

It's not the end of the world, but for Rooney Harris it's starting to feel that way. It's the beginning of senior year, and her mom just lost her job. Even worse, she isn't planning to get another one. Instead, she's spending every waking moment with a group called the Next World Society, whose members are convinced they'll be leaving Earth behind on November 17. It sounds crazy to Rooney, but to her mother and younger brother it sounds like salvation. As her mom's obsession threatens to tear their lives apart, Rooney is scrambling to hold it all together. But will saving her family mean sacrificing her dreams - - or theirs?

虽然不是世界末日,但对Rooney Harris来说已经是这样的感觉。高三的开始,Rooney的妈妈没有了工作。更糟的是,她也不准备再找下一份,而是打算把生命的每一分钟都花在一个叫做“下一个世界”的组织上,这个组织的成员都相信他们会在11月17日离开地球。这一切在Rooney听来都十分疯狂,可是对她的妈妈和她的弟弟来说却是救赎。妈妈的沉迷愈发影响Rooney一家的生活,于是她决定将家人团结起来。可是拯救家庭是否意味着要牺牲她或者她们的梦想呢?













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